Applied Technology Group Limited 應用科技集團有限公司

Applied Technology Group Limited 應用科技集團有限公司

Company Name:

Applied Technology Group Limited

Technical Field:

Cloud computing;  Big Data; IoT; Apps; e-commerce



Tel No.:(852) 2122 9556


Registered Office Address:

Unit 311B, IC Development Centre, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.

Introduction of Company:


Founded in 2017, an Incu-Tech incubatee of HKSTP, Applied Technology Group Limited ( Applied Technology )'s flagship product ClinicONE is a one-stop healthcare and medical diagnostic platform for precise medical treatment, seamless patient experience and A.I. electronic record management, in preparation for the new generation of smart clinics. Core customers include large clinic groups, private hospitals, & over 800 individuals dentists, general & specialist practices. Applied Technology is an official Hong Kong eHealth service provider for patient record integration.

**Product/Service (I)


Name of Product/Service:


ClinicOne is a one-stop healthcare diagnostic platform for precise medical treatments, seamless clinic operations and secured.

Electronic health record management for the smart clinic.

Brand new experience in better patient engagement, payment collection and to enhance clinic operation for more seamless and higher efficiency.

**Product/Service (II)


Name of Product/Service: Health.Me2


Health.Me2 Mobile App is a FREE personalised health management app to maintain connections as a bridge between patients and doctors,

which allow the clinic to build its own directory to keep connect with the patient for appointment referrals, survey form and push reminders but also, allow users to store and retrieve personal medical records and

maintain a personalised dietary plan. User can also conduct self - diagnosis through the proprietary AI-enabled cataract test, with accuracy of up to 90 %.

The app also helps improve and monitor user's health conditions with the Health.Me2 Smart Wristband EWB-1010, it offers an electrocardiogram with in-depth AI analytics providing recommendations and personalised health news.