Imisght Technology Co., Limited

Imisght Technology Co., Limited

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Imisght Technology Co., Limited



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Unit 226, 2/F, Building 12W, 12 Science Park West Avenue, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

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Imsight is an innovative company for providing IT solution to enhance hospital efficiency, by patented AI deep learning technology for medical image analysis among the specialities in pathology and radiology. Our patented technology performs in-depth analysis on a huge volume of medical images, and tailored platform with user-friendly auxiliary tools enhances overall experience on accuracy and efficiency in medical diagnosis.

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Name of Product/Service: Lung-Sight

Lung-Sight is an intelligent software solution for lung cancer screening, which reads CT images and categorize risk level. Less than 10 seconds, Lung-Sight performs automated outlining each lung nodule, with accuracy measurements up to 3 mm and detailed follow-up trends comparison, tremendously enhances doctors overall experience in routine clinical workflow.

You are given all the components you need to build your forms and reports with simple drag-and-drop. Our platform supports you with the latest technology, including the use of AI, Augmented Reality (AR) and IoT, etc., to help you keep pace with your business needs and the market trend.