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Fano Labs Limited



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Units 1507 - 1511, 15/F, 19W, 19 Science Park Avenue West, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin

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Fano Labs is a spin-off from the University of Hong Kong specializing in developing speech recognition, speaker diarization, voice biometrics, and natural language processing technologies for multilingual environments. Fano Labs is headquartered in Hong Kong Science Park with offices in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. We help enterprises with customer services, compliance, regulatory risk and other business lines. Since 2015, we have been providing innovative AI technologies and solutions to various industries, including Finance, Telecom, Government sectors and more.

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Name of Product/Service:Callinter - AI Interaction Analytics Platform

Fano Labs AI Interaction Analytics SystemCallinteruses language AI technologies to empower contact centres to analyse their customer interactions, and specialise in analysing call recordings in multilingual and mixed language settings. Callinter can be applied to the following use cases:

- Automatic Quality Management (AQM): evaluate how customer service staffs interact with customers and determine a customer service performance score
- Business Insights Discovery: classify different call natures, the reason for calling, customers interests, hot topics, and long calls. Callinter can provide the distributions of these interactions and indicates customers satisfaction levels. Based on these business insights, enterprises can come up with better ways to enhance service quality, reduce potential customer churn, and implement proper customer retention strategies.
- Sales compliance: analyze enterprises audio, and automatically flag recordings that might contain mistakes, misconduct, mis-selling practices; or instances that do not comply to the legal selling procedures  from risk assessment, risk disclosure to T&C read-out.