Hong Kong Client Service International Limited

Hong Kong Client Service International Limited

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Hong Kong Client Service International Limited




Tel No.:(852)23120002

Fax No.:(852)23112888



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Room A, 11th Floor, Fortune House, 61 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Introduction of Company:


HONG KONG CLIENT SERVICE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (CSII HONGKONG for short) is a leading fintech enterprise, which owns the overall solution for the Front-end, Middle platform and Back-end of system of digital banking. The company has been contributing many pioneering contributions to the finance industry with its advanced consciousness and leading technology, including Mobile banking,  Channel middle platform, Direct banking, Wechat bank, Core system, Open banking, SUNDB database and so on. The company has more than 4,000 employees, and has maintained long-term cooperative relations with more than 300 banks and non-bank financial institutions.

**Product/Service (I)


Name of Product/Service:MOBILE BANKING

CSII HONGKONG has summarized a complete set of service system in the field of mobile banking, with advanced concept, and launched an advanced version of \" Portable banking \" of mobile banking. The CSII company integrates AI banking, Remote banking and Offline banking into a digital service matrix, integrates unified office entrance to realize \" paperless office\", builds a comprehensive banks APP , and uses data statistics and analysis to support digitalized banking services. Thoroughly realized, a mobile phone is a service branch of the bank, more than 90% of the banking business can be quickly handled in between the Click\".

**Product/Service (II)


Name of Product/Service:CSII SUNDB DATABASE

CSII HONGKONG has launched a complete SUNDB database with independent intellectual property rights to consolidate the base for the development of mobile financial security. At present, CSII is the only manufacturer in the industry that has both the overall financial IT solution and has its own database ( named SUNDB), The SUNDB datebase computing engine and storage engine core technology is completely priprietory copyright and can be licensed to third parties. SUNDB database is compatible with traditional database, and has the characteristics of high concurrency, low latency and strong consistency.