「DigiTech ASEAN Thailand 2023」Hong Kong Pavilion

「DigiTech ASEAN Thailand 2023」Hong Kong Pavilion

Event Date: 22-24 November 2023​

Venue:F10 and F15-F22, Hall 7, IMPACT Exhibition Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

(Each exhibitor is entitled to get a physical booth at HK Pavilion and will have business matching activities in this exhibition)



Funded by Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund,Trade and Industry Department


Deadline: 15th September 2023(Friday)


Online Registration

*You have 40 mins to complete the online registration. Please submit it at the given time.


Registration Details

The promotion of Hong Kong outstanding information and communication technology (ICT) industries in the ASEAN marketsis under the sponsorship of HKSARG Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund, 20 products/services will be showcased in the Hong Kong Pavilion in Thailand: 

  • Free participation
  • Please complete the application form online, and send upload the declaration form together with the logo of company on or before 15th September 2023.。 


  • The company participating in the exhibition must be registered in Hong Kong;
  • The products or services that will be showcased are owned by your company;
  • The main development and research (60% or more) of the products or services that will be showcased is in Hong Kong;
  • The transportation, accommodation, exhibition equipment and staff insurance expenses during the exhibition period should be arranged by the participating company;
  • Due to the security reasons, all representatives of participating companies must be pre-registered, and HKSiA will arrange exhibitor badges for all representatives;
  • Companies that have not been selected for the exhibition can still publish the company/product information on the website of the project and the booklet of Hong Kong Pavilion.



**The Hong Kong Pavilion is funded by Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund, Trade and Industry Department.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the Vetting Committee of the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund.