Tangor Technology Limited

Tangor Technology Limited

Company Name:

Tangor Technology Limited

Technical Field:

Cloud computing; Big Data; IoT; Apps; Smart City




Tel No.:(852) 6996 5394



Registered Office Address:

Room 2001, Harbour Centre, 25 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Introduction of Company:



At Tangor, subsidiary of NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 777), we believe technology will bring learning into a new era. We are currently developing a series of eLearning products for new era of Teaching and Learning environment.

To find adventurous new ways to excite and engage users across digital learning, enabling technologies, social media, gamifications, mobile, VR, AR, 3D and other modes of learning and training. We are seeking talented, ambitious professionals to develop game-changing strategies and inspire behaviour changing ideas across multiple areas.


**Product/Service (I)

Name of Product/Service: Coding Galaxy


Coding Galaxy is a qualified learning application for computational thinking (CT) and coding. It has been designed to aid K-12 learners in the 21st century to develop computational thinking skills while broadening essential life skills with the 4Cs (collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking) and problem solving. It empowered by Augmented Reality (AR), Knowledge Graph and Advanced AI technologies, the assessment process covers clear learning goals and outcomes, engagement and pedagogical approach.

**Product/Service (II)


Name of Product/Service: City X


Explore the origin and future of technology in smart city.
Learners will be exposed to the concepts for “Technology BCD”, which includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud computing and Big data with various examples and applications in smart city. They are scaffolded to understand the principles and use cases behind the technologies and evaluate the impact of technology on individual and society.