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Lattice Limited

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Lattice Limited

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Flat A, 32/F, Block 2, 18 Tsui Wan Street, Chai Wan,  HONG KONG SAR

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Lattice is an award-winning deep-tech Fintech company founded by former industry thought leader and executives with a combined 50+ years of experiences.  Based on Founder’s decade-long rigorous industry research that led to investment portfolio decision-making theory breakthroughs, Lattice has invented the first View-Driven Portfolio Optimiser and the first Real-Time Personalisable Robo-Advisor.  Through APIs, we uniquely help banks efficiently upgrade their existing digital advisory services to become both real-time personalisable and truly automated in order to deliver personalised digital advisory experiences at digital prices.  Lattice has won multiple international Fintech awards including UKTI FinTech Grand, HKICT FinTech Gold, UK FinTech50, Accenture FinTech, UBS Future of Finance, UBS HNW Clients Poll, Alibaba Jumpstarter, Singapore FinTech Hackcelerator etc.

**Product/Service (I)


Name of Product/Service: Real-Time Personalisable Robo-Advisor


Today, whether you are a millionaire or a young millennial, by selling few ready-made, standard portfolios to you based on your risk appetite, existing robo-advisors are still ‘standard’ digital solutions, unsuitable for new-generation high-net-worth (HNW) investors with more financial complexities.  It is these clients who are poised to inherit the World’s USD80 trillion wealth assets BUT are turning their back on traditional wealth management service models and price tags.  Due to our award-winning, proprietary V2P Technology breakthrough, Lattice has invented the World’s first real-time personalisable robo-advisor v2.0 ‘brain’ that can respond to user’s personal circumstances, views and opinions digitally without human intervention.  Financial institutions can now adopt our technology quickly and easily through either a full product implementation to their custom spec, or a flexible API plug-in.

**Product/Service (II)


Name of Product/Service: View-Driven Portfolio Optimiser EPD


Based on decade-long rigorous Industry research, Lattice award-winning EPD (Elegant Portfolio Discovery) platform is the first view-driven portfolio optimiser that allows professional fund managers to express opinions across asset classes, regions, countries, sectors, industries, factors and Even any custom factors, and 1-click scientifically translate such views into a portfolio with immediate analytical validation. EPD has proven, theoretically and empirically, to significant outperform Traditional Optimisers (TO), with 360-degree risk transparency and control. Only when an Investor has no view at all and is completely passive will EPD degenerate to become equivalent to Markowitz TO.

The CIO of London-based Hermes Investment Management, Eoin Murray, commented about Lattice EPD in the Telegraph interview:

Lattice core team has a combined 50+ years of investment banking quant, portfolio consulting, algo trading & information leadership expertise.