Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Limited 香港知識産權交易所有限公司

Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Limited 香港知識産權交易所有限公司

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Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Limited

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Tel No.:(852)9789 4382



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Room 10, 8/F, DATA TECHNOLOGY HUB, 5 Chun Cheong Street, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, N.T., Hong Kong

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HKIPX is a financial exchange focusing on intellectual property. We provide efficient and effective instruments to smooth IP transfers, meet the transaction, price discovery, enforcement, monitoring and data distribution needs of IP holders and users, issuers, investors, traders, market makers, brokers, and other participants in the growing intellectual property marketplace. HKIPX facilitates monetization and commercialization of patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual properties and related rights to provide asset managers with new investment and trading opportunities in IP assets and to provide corporations and owners of intellectual property with new risk management tools to manage their intellectual property portfolios.

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Name of Product/Service: IP registration and transfer


HKIPX business model makes investment and risk management in IP-related assets possible and easy, and allows owners of IP assets to unlock additional value of such assets, and creates efficient IP transfer markets to improve price discovery for the assets. By enhancing transparency in the marketplace, implementing contract standardization, streamlining the trading process and providing participants with access to market data, HKIPX provides the community with a deeper understanding of the economics of intellectual property.