Hong Kong Logistics Technology & Systems Limited 香港物流科技及系统有限公司

Hong Kong Logistics Technology & Systems Limited 香港物流科技及系统有限公司

Company Name:

Hong Kong Logistics Technology & Systems Limited

Technical Field:

Cloud computing




Tel No.:(852) 2763 6874

Fax No. (852) 2343 2021



Registered Office Address:

7 Floor, SML Tower, 165 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Introduction of Company:


Hong Kong Logistics Technology & Systems Limited is a member of BPS Global Group with over two decades in logistics technology industry offering solution design and consultancy, logistics automation, operations improvement services. Logistics Technology is at the heart of todays extended global supply chain, we help our clients businesses embracing industry 4.0 with automated warehouse and logistics system to attain increased efficiency reliability and responsiveness. We offer tailor-made solution for clients with staged investment, flexibility and scalability for future expansion. Our solution starting from professional solution design and consultancy service, logistics automation consulting to first-class project execution and maintenance services.


**Product/Service (I)


Name of Product/Service: Smart Self-storage Service


BPS generated a new concept of total solution with mobile applications to create an IoT system, which combined the elements of robots, big data, AI and other cutting-edge technologies. It is also the worlds first IoT robotic application in B2C self-storage business.Customer can interface with our AGV robot system by mobile applications. This is a breakthrough to employ robotic solution from B2B to B2C market. The Cabinet to Person (CTP) concept reduces the travelling and waiting time of customer. On the other hand, the security, privacy and enjoyment are much improved.The application of big data and AI can enhance the cabinet retrieval efficiency while the storage density can also be optimized. By the robotic solution, the storage area can be defined as no man zone. Honoured the Smart Mobility (Smart Logistics) Gold Award at HKICT Awards 2019 by GS1 Hong Kong.

**Product/Service (II)


Name of Product/Service: Smart Automated Warehouse Solution


BPS Global has developed the smart automated warehouse solution for a leading pharmaceutical outsourcing service company which is also one of the largest Integrated Health Care Automated Warehouse in Hong Kong compliant with GMP regulations. BPS Global helped the client on  process improvement, operational performance boost, operational cost optimizing, space utilization and storage capacity enhancement. 

Our smart automated warehouse solution features a series of advanced automation set up, robotic technology and warehouse storage system including the highest carousel storage system in Hong Kong (Over 5 meters), mobile robots and conveyor systems to meet with the strict requirement and conditions of pharmaceutical storage, as well as in compliance with the GMP standard and Department of Health (DOH) guideline. Honoured the Smart Mobility Grand Award at HKICT Awards and Smart Mobility (Smart Logistics) Gold Award at HKICT Awards 2018 by GS1 Hong Kong.