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Clinical assessment of vision-related disability experienced by visually-impaired patients is obfuscated by the lack of instruments that can inform real-world visual performance. We have constructed virtual reality (VR) environments in a VR headset simulating day-to-day activities to visualize and quantify visual disability. These include supermarket shopping, stair navigation (daytime and nighttime) and city navigation (daytime and nighttime). Our data support that VR simulations can empower clinicians to better understand a patients perspective of how daily activities impart disability and connect clinical test results of vision to relevant performance measures.


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Name of Product/Service: Evaluation of Visual Disability


Five interactive VR environments have been designed for display in a commercially available VR headset, simulating common activities including (1) supermarket shopping, (2) stair navigation in daytime, (3) stair navigation in nighttime, (4) city navigation in daytime, and (5) city navigation in nighttime to evaluate visual disability. By integrating various VR performance parameters to calculate the VR disability scores, it is feasible to identify patients with vision disability. A key advantage of the VR simulations is the ability to recapitulate the complexities and varieties of daily tasks in a standardized environment for review and analysis by patients and clinicians. For example, self-reported poor night vision is a common complaint in glaucoma patients with visual field loss, but clinicians may underestimate the degree of disability because many glaucoma patients have normal visual acuity even at the late stages.