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Tel No.:(852)2170 7101

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20/F, Lincoln House, Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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We are CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CITIC Telecom CPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883), serving multinational enterprises the world over by addressing their specific ICT requirements with highly scalable tailored solutions built upon our flagship technology suites, comprising TrueCONNECT private network solutions, TrustCSI information security solutions, DataHOUSE cloud data center solutions, and SmartCLOUD cloud computing solutions.

With the motto Innovation Never Stops, we leverage innovative technologies, embracing AI, AR, Big Data, IoT, and other cutting-edge emerging technologies to transform technical potential into business value for our customers. 

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**Product/Service (I)


Name of Product/Service:AI-AR Remote Hand/ AR Remote Hand

Intelligent operations are the future for all industries to reinvent a range of new business models. To reimagine digital business potentials, CITIC Telecom CPC partnered with ASTRI in 2019 to launch AR Remote Hand in 2020, and AI-AR Remote Hand Service in 2021. 

This revolutionary solution utilizes CITIC Telecom CPC's self-developed "patent pending" and award-winning AI algorithms, integrates AI-enabled cognitive object recognition solutions (CORs), AR, big data, and IoT techniques to achieve remarkable breakthroughs, projecting holograms of technical manuals, analytical figures, complex instructions, and much more, onto a heads-up display to stream real-time intelligent solutions. It enhances data integration through computer vision technology and machine learning algorithms, providing remote workers with 2D and 3D diagrams for better data visualization. As a result, the AI-AR Remote Hand can identify, locate and count objects within 95 milliseconds with 99% accuracy and increases the service productivity of field workers by up to 50%.

**Product/Service (II)


Name of Product/Service:AI Visual Security

CITIC Telecom CPC’s AI Visual Security is a game changer reinventing the “Seeing is Believing” security model, protecting enterprises from sophisticated malware with “Quick and Fast” trace. The out-of-box security solution is using AI-powered algorithm integrates weakly supervised regularization algorithm, visual computing, and neural network for transforming datasets into graphic images and mapping potential malware.

This unique and creative AI algorithm source code named “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING MALWARE” is patent pending. It enables the identification and classification of malware threats at a significantly faster pace compared to traditional solutions. With breakthroughs in AI technology, the processing time is reduced to a sub-second level, estimated to be 10x to 100x faster.

CPC formulated its comprehensive ICT-MiiND strategy to combine the latest innovations with the capability to leverage powerful Cognitive Object Recognition and intelligent algorithms, to build a reliable ICT ecosystem that elevates enterprises’ digital transformation business intelligence initiatives.