Marvel Digital AI Limited

Marvel Digital AI Limited

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Marvel Digital AI Limited



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Unit 108, 1/F, Fo Tan Industrial Centre, 26-28 Au Pui Wan Street, N.T., Hong Kong

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Marvel Digital AI Limited is a technology company focused on developing disruptive AI solutions to revolutionize industries. Headquartered in Hong Kong, MDAi has established offices in GBA cities. Our mission is to build a world-class AI platform to empower and blend the physical and digital worlds. Our business areas are in Edge-AI, Big Data-AI and Web3-AI. Most importantly, we are not only a technology pioneer, we are also keen on applying our technologies to improve the human, environmental, social and economic aspects in order to preserve the sustainable world.

**Product/Service (I)


Name of Product/Service: QuantBit - AIGC Engine

QuantBit is a new class of AIGC engine, a creative toolset for virtual world creators.
Whether you\\\\\\\'re a skilled creator or just getting started, we make content creation easy for building an intelligent virtual world, including all essential assets that make it more dynamic -

- Generate 3D Scenes/Models (from phone-taking videos)
- Generate/Reimagine Image/Videos (from texts/images)
- Generate Animated Faces (from portraits)
- Generate Stories/Group Scenes featuring multiple characters (from texts)

Imagine these assets can now be created with just a mobile phone or a set of prompts.
We\\\\\\\'re excited to see everyone are able to unleash their creativity and bring their innovative visions to life by the power of AI - which is our mission.
Come play and experience our AIGC engine!