Farm66 Investment Ltd.

Farm66 Investment Ltd.

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Farm66 Investment Ltd.



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2/F, Precision Manufacturing Centre, 3 Dai Hei St, Tai Po Industrial Estate

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Farm66 is a leading Hong Kong Agri-tech company pioneering an industry 4.0 solution for urban vertical farming. Farm66s vision is to make the world healthier by providing people with clean, natural, tasty and fresh produce using sustainable technologies. Through patented in-house innovations, such as Multi-layer Vertical Planting (MVP) structure, Soilless Hydroponics Farming (SHF) techniques, Indoor Aquaponics Farming Eco-system (IAFE), Energy-efficient LED Wavelength Farming, Cloud-based Farming Parameters (CFP) monitoring and A Modular Agricultural Robotic System (MARS). Farm66 grows quality vegetables locally with low-carbon footprint to promote Farm to door in city.

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Name of Product/Service: A Modular Agricultural Robotic System (MARS) with Cloud-based Farming Parameters (CFP) monitoring

The technology of Cloud-based Farming Parameters (CFP) monitoring ensures good quality with high yield by improving growth efficiency of farming in plants. 
The energy-efficient spectrum LED wavelength farming technology, compared with traditional daylight lamp T9, reduces 70% of energy consumption. 
A Modular Agricultural Robotic System (MARS) allows plants growing in enclosed shipping container. It significantly reduces insect and bacterial damage to vegetables and thus no pesticide is required. The usual growth cycle of our veggies is from 55 to 35 days, which is reliable and stable as compared to traditional farming.
Farm66 is focused on collecting big data from the different LED lights, temperature, humidity and balance of nutrients etc.. We use our date management system to improve the rate and efficiency of growing, essentially increasing both the quality and quantity of the vegetables we grow.