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Sky Meta Limited

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Sky Meta Limited



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16/F Unit C, Man On Commercial Building, 12 Jubilee Street, Central, Hong Kong

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GENU.N is a platform that provides a seamless solution integrating NFCs or QR codes with blockchain technology to create a digital twin for physical products. The digital twin can be utilized to help companies create unique digital experiences, authenticate products, targeted marketing and more. 

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Name of Product/Service:GENU.N

GENU.N utilizes blockchain technology to create a digital collectible (twin) for physical products to help companies with:

1. Targeted Marketing: When a brands customer claims the twin for their product, GENU.N has specific metadata written into the twin about the product. The twin can then be used by brands to push out targeted marketing campaigns based on each user's purchasing history.

2. Authentication: When clients scan or tap a product, they're brought to our platform and can claim a digital collectible to easily verify a products authenticity.

3. Customer Loyalty: GENU.N seamlessly integrates Web 2 e-commerce services with Web 3 components. Every physical item is paired with a corresponding twin that customers can use to unlock special discounts or accumulated points based on the items they purchase

4. Digital Experiences: The digital twin can unlock unique content and experiences accessible only by those holding the twin.